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November 27, 2016 10:41 pm

We took on the project of renovating a former Redbridge Primary School from what was once a derelict building and site with threats of demolition is now an innovative office building. Having moved in over a year ago we have settled well into our new surroundings. Originally built in 1871, then extended in the 1960’s, our aim was to maintain the original features of the building while incorporating some modern and fresh design ideas. A lot of research and investigation was made and we found plans at Southampton city archives that dated right back to 1896. This office displays the companies pioneering passion for roofing and building with single ply membrane on the extension originally built in the 1960’s, finished off with steel planters acting as an eco-system and edge protection. Spanish slate tiles in a fishtail design on the roof with rainscreen Kingspan Benchmark ceramic tiles on the walls. By utilising the existing large floor to ceiling heights, part mezzanine floors have been introduced to create additional floor space, without restricting natural light. The structure of the chimneys were all repointed, chimney pots were replaced with new, all in keeping with the historic features of this locally listed building. For the local resistant’s of Southampton it has been a joy to see their historic school building restored to life and we regularly get visitors popping in to congratulate us on the end result. A great example of this feedback would be the letter we received from the local heritage society.   “On behalf of the Committee and our members, to cordially express to your organisation, our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for saving this fine old building. The works which you have carried out to the exterior appear to be of the highest quality and totally in keeping with the age of the structure.   We were also delighted to observe that all of the original features have been preserved. Such work has major cost implications and it is refreshing to find a modern company prepared to commit to this level of authenticity”. Before